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The  journey

Zanzibar is born out of a journey to bring the experience of travel to each of you. The sheer pleasure of slow living and embracing the smaller joys of life. It is brought to life for the woman  who has her feet in the sea, salty breeze in her hair and head in the clouds. Our founder, Surabhi Mehta’s affinity towards travel and island living is what inspired the label with its timeless collection of designs and silhouettes that invoke romance and nostalgia. Zanzibar is a reminder that no matter how gloomy the winter, the sun will always shine at sea with swaying palm trees. 

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The  view


We’re charmed by the quiet confidence, inner strength and eternal elegance of women. Our designs are merely meant to adorn this very raw authenticity of the contemporary women, to add to their innate sense of style. At Zanzibar, we are looking at travel, fashion and women as intuitive and powerful. It is by merging our love for all three that we seek to create a safe space that allows you to calm your breath and dwell in a heavenly dance with your curious dreams. 


Azure sand seems like a soft bed for your tired feet, the wind is waving your worries away.. You’re lying down in our Prosecco at Sunset dress sipping on some great bubbly as the sun rays gleam on the Crackling Light Earrings you're wearing. Maybe you're dancing the night away in our Mystic Mermaid and the Conch Whisperer danglers.  


The  wardrobe

The Zanzibar wardrobe is versatile and elevated essentials that are a staple for every women around the world. We have created a range of investment pieces in classic cuts that you'll reach for all the time and pack first for every trip. In airy, breathable fabrics adorned with vintage lace and embroidery, our clothes are all in white for you to have a blank canvas as you pair them with our jewellery & accessories.

We are a body positive brand where we do not believe in confining bodies into sizes. We have created our very own terminology for sizing rooted in self-love, positivity & respect for our first homes. So, whether you're in XS or an XL, at Zanzibar Living you're a S parkling S tar & full of L rove & L ight.

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The  story

At Zanzibar, we have created a clean slate, a soft cocoon of all white so that you can grow and express freely. With cuts and silhouettes that make you feel comfortable in your own skin so you can have complete faith in your journey. Faith in the fluidity of life.

Even if just for a moment, when you come to Zanzibar, we hope you notice the peace trying to lovingly hold you. Explore the mysterious waters and let them soothe you. Beauty is trying to unfold around you and with our carefully crafted pieces, we are bringing you to the life you’ve been searching for outside you and leading you to it within you. 

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