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Conscious Living


When we decided on making an all-white wardrobe of elevated essentials, we were thinking of a blank canvas, a clear cocoon that will envelop you and let you paint the colours you wanted across your world. 

As we grew, we realised 'white' did not have the same definition across all strata of society. 

Living in India, access to menstrual sanitation has been a problem and even with that access, most women shy away from wearing white because it would 'stain'. The very white that we envisioned as a blank canvas for our customers to play with was a white that some wouldn't even own, let alone wear, because they couldn't afford to have their clothes stained. 

That's when we came across The Padate Project. an initiative by Hemanshi Agrawal, that donates organic sanitary napkins to underprivileged women and ensures a safe & happy period for all. 

Our brand is rooted in slow & conscious living and we could simply not turn a blind eye towards this access. 

So, for every online sale we make of our elevated white staples, we'll be donating to The Padate Project so that every girl can be fearless when she dons a white outfit. 











Our PadPal for this year is Amita. Amita is 16 and that's her favourite white dress. She suffers from painful menstrual cycles but needs to get to work regardless. We will be supplying her with a year's worth of sanitary pads and hope that we can do the same for her pals across her village too. 


If you choose to donate independently, you can get in touch with The Padate Project over Instagram @thepadateproject our speak to them on +91 9712500255. 

We will be donating organic Noraa Sanitary Pads that are 100% biodegradable. 

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